There’s This Girl…

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There is this girl; she’s amazing and beautiful¬† – she is everything that a woman should be

There is this girl; she’s cute and adorable – she lays next to me and I feel so nice.

I love this girl – she is incredible and I could not find another like her if I were to look for a million years.

I didn’t seek Lindsay out – I wasnn’t looking for a girlfriend at the time. Lindsay walked into my life – she took me by storm and I didn’t know what hit me.¬† She is the most amazing woman in the entire world – more beautiful than anyone and more incredible than anyone I know.


We’re Engaged!

•January 26, 2007 • 1 Comment

Last night I asked Lindsay to marry me and she said ‘yes’. I never thought that such an amazing person could ever exist and that nobody else has swept her off her feet but she chose me.

Here’s how it happened; Wednesday I went to the jewler’s (my grandfather worked there for some years as a watch repair man and so I knew they would not try to pull a fast one on me or anything) in search for the ‘perfect ring’. I wanted to find a ring that I could picture Lindsay wearing and after some searching, I glanced upon one and knew that it was it.

Lindsay works not even a quarter mile from the jewler’s and passes it on her way home so I called to make sure she was still at work and when she asked where I was, I told her that I was at the grocery store (one of the many lies that was to follow).¬† I went to her house after I bought the ring and I took her to church – with the ring in the trunk of my car nestled safely in my sister’s Michigan State (uuuughhhhh) sweatshirt. I just hope that I didn’t jinx Michigan because it would be a pitty for them to continue loosing Rose Bowl championships one after another.

Anyway, I woke up Thursday with no idea in my mind that I would ask her that day but she came over after work and we went out to lunch/dinner (3:30pm) at CiCi’s Pizza (GREAT food, by the way). After that, she was tired and went to go lie down in my room. I told her that I needed to go to the store to pick up a suprise for her and instead, went and talked to her parents to get their permission.

An hour later, Lindsay called me and asked where I was – I told her that I had to go to a couple different stores but still couldn’t find what I was looking for. When I got back to my house, I asked her if she wanted to go to downtown Plymouth, which was where our first date was and she hesitated because it was about 25 degrees out. She finally said ‘ok’ and we walked around the ice sculptures in the downtown area (they had an ice festival last weekend and because of the tempurature, the sculptures were still there). I told her that I loved her and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Then, I got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry me. With tears in her eyes (about to freeze) she said ‘yes’.

So we’re officially engaged; we spent about 4 hours going around and showing everyone the ring and now I’m just hoping that we haven’t left anyone out.

James 1

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This morning I spent some time going back over the book of James and really looking into it. What really got to me this time was when I found out that the word for ‘trials’ that is used is the same in Greek as the word used for an obsticle that stands in your way.

I don’t know why I never thought of that before; maybe it’s just the way my brain works but this really got to me because in about a month, I will be stepping into the position of an assistant pastor and youth pastor for a church in Virginia, a quarter of the way across the country from my home in Michigan (where I have lived all of my life). I didn’t consider this a trial of any kind because all throughout the process of interviewing with the church, I have felt an enormous amount of peace. But when I woke up this morning in the middle of the night, I came to the realization that I have never given a sermon for a church before and have very little experience leading a church, which would come in handy in an assistant pastor position.

But when I went to my Bible and began to read, God made me keenly aware that

    1. He is in control and it is not MY ministry but HIS; just as He gave Moses the words to say to Pharoah, He will give me the words to         say and the wisdom (wisdom is also talked about in James – mainly in regards to asking God for it and that also was of great help to me     this morning).

    2. I should rejoice in the fact that I don’t know exactly what I am doing because it will bring all the more glory to HIM when He does a         work in me and through me.

Praise God that He has created us for a relationship with Him and called us for His purpose. Praise God that He has given us the rules to live by and then gave us His Son in death so that we could be saved in spite of our inability to earn salvation (which is impossible). Praise God that He has called us to do a work for Him – that He has given us the opportunity to do HIS life-changing work in people’s lives and that He has promised to give us Wisdom when we ask for it.

I praise God today because of answered prayers and for moving and doing a work in me and in my life when I was not aware of what exactly was going on. God has called me to this new endeavor and I will follow because I have said all along, ‘here I am, Lord, send me’.

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New Sunday School Series

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Attendance: Above Average

Attention Span: Average to Slighly Above Average

Lesson: Above Average

Today we started a brand new series by Doug Fields for our middle school/high school combined Sunday school class. The curriculum is called “Rooted” and it’s about the basics of the Bible – questions that teens ask and things that every Christian should know but that most don’t actually know.

I thougt that our lesson today went fairly well; we hada good turnout (at least for our student ministry) and we even had an adult come to sit in on the lesson. It’s difficult to stay attentive and keep going with my ministry here in Chelsea because I am fairly sure that I will be leaving in a month or two for a position in Virginia.

Windows Vista

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Microsoft is unveiling their brand-new operating system at the end of this month and I am anxious to see what it looks like. My brother just got a brand new HP desktop with a Vista upgrade so Microsoft will mail him a copy of it as soon as it hits retailers.

I’m debating on whether or not to upgrade to Vista or to just get a new desktop (I have a laptop now) when Vista comes out. Any thoughts?

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H.A.B.I.T.S. Week 2 – Accountability

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Last night we completed the second week of a six
part series that deals with developing spiritual habits to help you
survive in your walk with God. Week 2 was accountability and this was a
difficult concept to teach for sure.

For one
reason, accountability does not (nor should it) come from a forced
relationship. I know too many youth ministries and even ‘accountability
groups’ that force relationships to happen and people to be accountable
to each other. Accountability requires real, deep relationships if it
is ever going to work. The reason for this is that when you are
committed to a relationship, there is a trust factor that you feel
called to and this forces truth between the two individuals.

second reason this did not come as an easy lesson to teach is actually
related to the first reason – teens (as with adults) tend to form
superficial relationships that do not foster accountability. There is
an entire culture that exists in the middle schools and high schools of
America that says that we should all stay out of each other’s business
and that nobody cares about anybody else. These messages make for a
difficult time teaching accountability to teenagers.

final reason that this was difficult for me is because this lesson goes
against the grain of what I feel students want – it invades their
comfort zone and because of that, they put up a barrier when taught
about it.

I’d encourage you to be in prayer that
God would send someone your way that you could develop and foster a
deep, spiritual relationship with that is not in your family and is not
your significant other (that last one is REALLY important!).

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How to Meet People at Church

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