I’ve been at Chelsea for almost a year now and I am worn out. Much of this is my lack of experience handling ministry and Thank the Lord, I have been able to confide in people who have given me some very much needed advice. I was told that I must not take everything in ministry so personally – it’s not about me and it never will be about me. I like to have things perfect – in order and taken care of. Ministry is not about that – it’s about people, and people are messy. People are unkept. People are just plain sloppy sometimes. I’m not taking about having things put away physically such as the teen room being picked up or the snactuary being put back in order. I’m talking about people and their problems. I cannot give myself purpose by making the students I minister to “perfect Christians”. It’s never going to happen.

God, please give me the patience to wait for your word, the ears to her your word, the wisdom to discern your word, the courage and strength to do what your word says, and the grace to make it through when I fall short. Lord help me to be Your man – someone with Your heart – someone who desires Your will in everything that happens. I’m not perfect but You are and You will help me be like You – not in my time, but in Yours. Thank you Lord.


~ by mattdb84 on September 29, 2006.

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