David and Moses, Solomon and Joshua

My senior pastor has been speaking over the past months through the prophets and into Kings and Chronicles. Throughout this sermon series, some very distinct points have stood out to me.

1. God calls us to do a work; not always to see the results of that work. I came to Chelsea expecting great things at the Hand of God in youth ministry. I expected to see teenagers won over to Christ and to see a student ministry grow-even tripple in size. As I continue to minister, God has been showing me that I may not very well be the person who gets to see the results of what God is doing through me. This church may never hire me as youth pastor and bring me on staff, but my ministry here could be paving the way for someone else.

2. God rewards faithfulness to Him. I am a third-generation Nazarene pastor; my great-grandfather was a pastor in Flint, Michigan and my uncle is a pastor in Buchannan, Michigan. Great things have happened, I believe because of the faithfulness of those who have come before me. Just as David and Moses followed hard after God’s heart and seeked Him with all of their heart, so too did my great grandparents. I was at my grandparent’s home earlier today and found some items that made me think. I found an old King James Bible given to my great grandfather, a portable communion set and a box my grandma kept letters, postcards and suveniers from my grandfather’s service in the U.S. Army during World War II. As I picked up that Bible, I realized that it had been held by a man of great conviction who loved and served the Lord with all of his heart. I read the love letters sent to my grandmother from my late grandfather from Naples, Italy where he was stationed during Christmas of 1944 through New Year’s of 1945. I walked through the upstairs attic and saw remnant after remnant of three generations that loved and served God.

I may be like David and Moses in that I may never see the result of work done through me by God in the church I serve currently, but like Solomon and Joshua, I come out of a great heritage of Holiness where people have gone before me and have paved the way for what I am doing today. My great grandfather and great grandmother raised a family honoring God as did their daughter, my grandmother, along with her husband, my grandfather. I come into ministry at least partly because of the great fellowship of believers who have gone on before me. May those who come behind me find a life lived faithful to God’s will and devoted in service to Him.


~ by mattdb84 on October 16, 2006.

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