Quiet Time With Her

I laid on my couch tonight with Lindsay. Her head was nestled in the crevice of my arm and my chest, her gentle hand lay across my chest and she looked so peaceful. I cannot imagine another person so amazingly ideal for me. This woman loves like I have never experienced it; she is not selfish at all and so many times it frightens me that I cannot always live up to that as she can. She has these soft, gentle lips that just melt mine as she leans in to kiss me. I can feel my heart jump each time we kiss and I have never felt anything so incredible in my entire life.

Lindsay, you are the love of my life; my best friend and my partner in life and ministry. You hold within you so many gifts from God and I am so very privileged to have you as my girlfriend. I love you with my heart – all that I possibly can. You are amazing, my angel.


~ by mattdb84 on October 16, 2006.

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