Welcome to the real world!

I’m sitting in my room just thinking over the past year. I used to think it was just the stereotypical response to say that youth ministry is difficult—I thought it was just something people say but that held very little merit in the real world. I have been at my church for almost a year now doing volunteer youth ministry with the expectation that I will be hired at the point that the church is able to afford a second staff member. I have been floating around in the job market and have had very little—actually I have had no success—in finding a good paying, dependable job. My senior pastor has a vision for an after-school program for middle school aged teens and wanted me to step up and be in charge of that but because of state regulations and requirements, I am not able to fill that position and because I have basically put my life on hold since August because he said they expected the program to start in September and when that didn’t work out, he said I would have to get a job until December because that’s when I would be able to start getting paid. Well, it turns out that he didn’t know what he was talking about and now I’m screwed and have absolutely no job opportunities. I am driving 30 miles west of my home to go to church 3 and 4 times a week. Nobody is taking my job seriously and don’t really think that youth ministry is really all that important anyway.


I planned on having this position so that I could move out of my mom’s house (I’m 22) and propose to my girlfriend and get married within the next year or two. I guess that is not going to happen, though. I’m really pissed off at all this – I don’t want to have a bad attitude, but I really think I got screwed.


God, I know you’re there—you always have been and you always will be there. When am I going to experience peace? When am I going to settle down and get married and start a family? When am I going to be able to have the finances to support me while I minister? You have so graciously provided for me this far and I think you for that. I’m just worried and stressed out and I need your touch.


~ by mattdb84 on October 16, 2006.

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