More than Beautiful

Every day I look forward to laying next to her; her head on my chest, her arm laying across me. I lift my hand and stroke her head, running my fingers through her hair. Lindsay is someone that defines what it is like to be more than beautiful. I remember hearing people say that someone was too beautiful for words and I thought it just meant that they were physically attractive. No, beaing too beautiful for words means that their beauty cannot be defined within the scope of human attraction. In my short life, I have never seen someone who was the essence of more than beautiful like Lindsay is.

I selfishly wish that nobody else could ever see beauty like this in another person. Selfishly, I want to be the only person to ever experience this transcendental beauty. But I cannot be a selfish person; Lindsay doesn’t deserve someone who is selfish. I know that although nobody deserves to see beauty this extravegant, neither do I. And so I hope and pray that each person can and will find that one special soul to share life with; to experience a beauty that simply cannot be described.


~ by mattdb84 on November 3, 2006.

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