Thoughts on Mark 14

I’m reading through the Bible each night and tonight (Saturday, almost Sunday morning) I read about the woman who annointed Jesus’ head before Judas sold information to the high priests that led to the arrest in the garden of Gethsemane. While I read through this passage, I was struck by a few different thoughts.

1. A poor woman gave something she could not afford to give to worship and honor this man called Jesus. How many times do we see people in the Gospels making sacrifices or stepping out in faith just to see or touch a part of Jesus’ clothes? How many times do people give more than they have to a God they love so deeply and they are blessed immeasurably for it? I’m not a rich man; I probably will never be rich. I will never be able to give loads of money to a church project or a ministry. But what I give is my time and my talents. I give what God has blessed me with. I believe this is what Jesus asks of us. Whenever Jesus taught in Scripture, He usually turned the teachings and laws of the Old Testament upside down – He didn’t abolish or change them, but He radically changed the message of what we thought they meant. Instead of working and giving as if we have something to give, we need to use everything we have to work for that which God has called us to. He will provide for us and we will be blessed. Let’s not hold anything back from Him because it’s all His, anyway!

2. Right after Jesus is annointed by this woman, Judas Isccariot sells Him into the hands of the high priests who will later have Him arrested and killed. This is a severe instance, but I have found that after a spiritual high point, Satan usually takes advantage of my waivering mood and tears my world apart if I let him. If you don’t believe me, spend an hour in intense prayer and lead into worship through scripture reading and pouring yourself out to the Lord. Tell me whether or not you encounter the Spirit of the Living God. And then wait. Just wait. After a while – usally sooner, rather than later, Satan will come in and tear us off of our emotional pedistol. This reminds me of just how undependable our emotions are and how they can allow Satan to control our lives.

3. When the woman used perfume that she could not afford – perfume that could have been used for other ‘good’ to annoint Jesus, the religious leaders and the teachers of the law attacked her, accusing her of wasting what was too valuable. How many times do we turn down ministry experiences and chances to be used of God just to make a dollar or two? And what do we use as an excuse for this? We say ‘God wants me to provide for my family’. But just how many times does that extra money get used to provide for the NEEDS of your family? Most of the time, doesn’ t it go towards savings or buying something that you don’t need? Let’s think of our time as a resource that God has given to us. After all, time is non-refundable, unlike money. You can always make more money, but you can’t get your kid’s soccer game back – you can’t get the time you neglected your family to work late every week back. Let’s give our money AND our time to God, being good stewards of ALL He has blessed us with.


~ by mattdb84 on November 5, 2006.

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