Garbage in, Garbage out

Garbage In, Garbage Out | Jan 8 2007 11:15 AM

So what is the big deal about spending time with God? Is it just some
hypothetical event that makes everything better? Is it superstition?
Why do people spend time reading their Bible and praying and listening
to God?

As our lesson series on Developing Habits that will Change your Life continues, we are ending the week on
spending time with God (Hang Time with God). I’ll let you in on a
little secret about me and my lessons; I NEVER plan a lesson that is
just busy work – there is always a purpose to it and a realistic,
tangible application that can be made to each life that hears it.

So what is the tangible result of spending time with God? Well, when I was
growing up, I can remember my mom telling me that there were certain
T.V. shows and movies that were ‘off limits’ because of their content.
I never understood why I couldn’t watch the same shows as my friends or
go to the movies with them when they were going to watch certain
movies. All she told me was that if you put ‘garbage’ into your mind,
then ‘garbage’ will come out. This is true with anything in our life
because whatever we put into our mind will come out in everything that
we do. Let’s take a look at a couple examples.

Example 1: You grow up in a house where your parents swear and they don’t treat
you good. You spend every day watching bad examples of how to live your
life and those examples permeate your mind. So, when you grow up, you
tend to repeat what you saw as a child.

Example 2: You were raised without any restrictions on what you watched on T.V.
or what movies you saw at the theater. You saw “R” rated movies
constantly and watched late night filth on T.V. As you get into middle
and high school, you begin to live with the same mentality of what you
saw lived out on T.V. and in the movies.

This idea of what you put into your mind is what you get out, can be a good
thing, too. Think about what happens when you spend time with a friend
– normally, if you like that friend, you will want to be like them. You
will develop attributes that you see in them. Have you ever gone to see
the movie Spider Man? Me and my brother used to read comic
book after comic book about Spidy and his adventures. During this time
in our lives, we made spidy costumes and pretended to go through the
house using webs that we shot out of our hands. We spent time reading
about this cool character, so we wanted to be just like him.

The same thing happens when you spend time with God. The more time you
spend with God, the more you will want to become like him. The more you
read your Bible and see the great things that were done by and through
people who placed their faith in God, you will want to be like them.
And the best ‘character’ of the Bible is Jesus – God in the flesh. As
you read through the great things that Jesus taught about and how He
lived His life, you will want to imitate Him and become just like Him.

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  1. Interesting Matt. If you ever want to relax a few minutes and relive those days when you wanted to be Spider-man check out

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