H.A.B.I.T.S. Week 2 – Accountability

Last night we completed the second week of a six
part series that deals with developing spiritual habits to help you
survive in your walk with God. Week 2 was accountability and this was a
difficult concept to teach for sure.

For one
reason, accountability does not (nor should it) come from a forced
relationship. I know too many youth ministries and even ‘accountability
groups’ that force relationships to happen and people to be accountable
to each other. Accountability requires real, deep relationships if it
is ever going to work. The reason for this is that when you are
committed to a relationship, there is a trust factor that you feel
called to and this forces truth between the two individuals.

second reason this did not come as an easy lesson to teach is actually
related to the first reason – teens (as with adults) tend to form
superficial relationships that do not foster accountability. There is
an entire culture that exists in the middle schools and high schools of
America that says that we should all stay out of each other’s business
and that nobody cares about anybody else. These messages make for a
difficult time teaching accountability to teenagers.

final reason that this was difficult for me is because this lesson goes
against the grain of what I feel students want – it invades their
comfort zone and because of that, they put up a barrier when taught
about it.

I’d encourage you to be in prayer that
God would send someone your way that you could develop and foster a
deep, spiritual relationship with that is not in your family and is not
your significant other (that last one is REALLY important!).

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~ by mattdb84 on January 11, 2007.

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